Huddersfield Tai Chi offers regular classes in Chen style Tai Chi and Qigong.

Tai Chi is an internal martial art developed in China over hundreds of years. Although martial in nature most people practice it for its many health giving properties. Qigong (or Chi Kung) incorporates much of the philosophy and movement of Tai Chi, but tends to be presented in a simpler format. Today, Tai Chi and Qigong are both practiced worldwide for their excellent health giving properties.

Tai Chi is a holistic art that cultivates physical fitness and mental well-being; sometimes described as ‘meditation in motion’. With regular practice the carefully designed movements of Tai Chi strengthen the body, improve flexibility and enhance vitality. The exercises can challenge the body and mind in ways other exercise systems cannot achieve. Some would say its the ultimate body/mind exercise.

The classes at Huddersfield Tai Chi are taught in a friendly and relaxed learning environment. All ages and abilities are welcome and can benefit from these wonderful arts.
James the Instructor has over 20 years Tai Chi experience in practicing and teaching these arts.

Please check out the class section for local available classes. If you’d like more
information then either use the contact form or phone me on 07913 742150.